Our Purpose

To cultivate and promote a mindset and practices of intentional spiritual growth that will help in pursuing more of the life God has called us to live.

What We Offer

We offer a variety of activities and resources designed to help launch people into intentional personal spiritual growth and an ongoing pursuit of more.

Pursuing More in their:

Personal relationship with God

Personal formation/transformation

Living out their identity and calling

Furthering the mission of God




Awareness & Decision

Single classes and teachings providing: Awareness of what is possible, Assessment of where you are, and an Invitation to decide if you want what God wants.

Intentional Growth

Series of sessions including teaching, honest discussion, small group processing, testimony, personal reflection, and prayer. Designed to help you experience personal growth and create desire and expectation for more.

For Leaders

Teachings, group processing, and resources designed to help leaders focus on empowering people in their own pursuit of the fullness of life in Christ.


I love Pursuing More! The Living and Growing in The Fullness of Christ sessions have been absolutely amazing! My walk with Christ has become fuller and sweeter. These sessions have given me a new perspective and attitude, I can’t say enough about it. Anybody who is serious about having a deeper relationship with God should really plug into “Pursuing More”

– Charles

Bursts of discovery and truth have been my biggest joy from meeting weekly with Bill. He has a gift for sharing scripture and helpful illustrations of Christ’s love for us. If you want solid and intentional growth, don’t push it off to another day. Look at Pursuing More for classes and sessions, you will experience more of what it means to grow in God’s love.

– Nanci

I have been a Christian for about 20 years now. I have taken many classes, read many books, been involved in prayer ministry and yes, read the Bible from cover to cover. What I have loved about this is the sole focus is getting on the same page as God. Learning to ask questions I have not thought of. It is about going deep. My relationship with God has grown so much as a result! This course is perfect if you are a brand new believer or if you think you have learned it all! I promise you will walk away with a greater understanding of our amazing God.

– Tamara

Pursuing More has caused me to ask some vital questions such as: do I want what God wants? Do I desire more of God and to see change in my heart, life and spiritual growth?
The space to reflect and analyze where I’m at in relationship with God in the context of biblical truth, discussion and encouragement has been such a gift. I have been able to grow in belief and awareness that so much more is possible with God.

Pursuing More offers a framework, challenge and beautiful invitation to experience more of the peace and promises God has for each one of us as we discover more of Him, as His beloved children. I wholeheartedly recommend Pursuing More to anyone ready to bring a degree of faith, expectation and intention in pursuit of God’s amazing grace and character. We have much to learn from Him and each other!

– Joelle

Pursuing More has helped us take our relationship with the Lord to a whole new level. It has helped us to desire more of God in our daily lives, and has also caused us to reflect more deeply on the nature and character of God.

– Tim and Kassie

Being involved with Pursuing More has definitely been life changing for me. It has helped me to get a much closer relationship with God. I 100% recommended Pursuing More if you want to experience spiritual growth and maturity.

– Rose

I had the privilege of attending a “Living & Growing in the fullness in Christ” session, This was definitely a life changer for me. Every Christian needs to take this course, if only for the sake of making sure you are surrendered to Christ and are abiding in Him the Vine, we are His branches. John 15:1-8

– Robin

Very honored to be part of this great work. I have already learned incredible stuff, I look forward to the more that the Lord has in store for the world through this initiative.

– Moses